Iceland Map – The Ultimate Iceland Map



The Iceland Map is your cheat sheet when planning the perfect trip to Iceland. In the map you will find all interesting locations in Iceland in one place.

We have spent over 20 years reading books, articles, magazines and blog posts about Iceland. In the past 5 years we have been using our knowledge to work with travelers in creating their dream Iceland itinerary. We now want to take it a step further and reveal all our secrets.

Iceland is a very unique country. You can find beautiful landscapes everywhere you look. When we go on trips with travelers, they usually want to stop every minute because they see something that they find extraordinary beautiful. The problem is that you would be months to travel around Iceland if you would like to stop at every location that you find interesting.

Are you interested in visiting the most popular places in Iceland, but would also like to know about some hidden gems. Guess what – both is included in this map.

The Iceland Map is perfect for anyone planning a trip to Iceland, but it is also the best guide to have with you on your trip. It is like buying all the books you can find about Iceland. Instead of reading all the books, you will find all the information in one map that you can download to your phone. No need for an extra suitcase for all your Iceland books.

When you are at home planning your trip to Iceland, you will probably be wondering how you are going to find all the best locations. With the Iceland Map, you can explore Iceland from home. Explore the photos, stories and locations of the places and decide what places are of your interest.  On the map you will see their exact location and directions on how to get there. This will make it much easier for you to plan your itinerary and find the perfect route for your trip to Iceland.

You have planned the perfect itinerary and have finally arrived on your dream trip to Iceland. You are driving your car and the landscape is so unreal. Something you have never seen before. On your right hand you see a waterfall that you would really like to explore better. But you have never seen this waterfall and have no idea what it is called or how get there.

This is the time when you pick up your map. You will see your location on the map and from there you should be able to find that waterfall. Read about the waterfall and see if it is possible to go and explore it. Will it require some hiking, or what road can you take to get close to the waterfall. Are there any other beautiful locations in the same area that you should stop at on the way?

Stop looking for the best places in Iceland on Google and find them all in one place – the Iceland Map. The map is packed with info that we have collected through the years. Teh information that you can not know unless you have traveled the country back and forth on your own and read all the best Iceland books.

The map will help you plan your unforgettable trip to Iceland. The map will be with you the whole time – from when you are at home dreaming about Iceland and until you are driving around the surreal landscape Iceland has to offer.