Iceland Road Trip Plan – Personalized Itinerary


Do you want to travel in Iceland like a local? Get your completely personalized itinerary and visit all the main attractions in Iceland as well as our favorite hidden gems. Our local guides will plan your personalized itinerary and make perfect for you and your trip to Iceland. Our local guides will help you plan your dream Road Trip in Iceland.

It can be hard to plan the perfect trip to Iceland. You can spend weeks reading all the information found online, and wandering through all the books you can find at the library. We have read the books, and traveled around Iceland for more than 20 years. We have years of experience in planning road trips in Iceland and with our personalized road trip plans we have been able to make the wishes of our customers come true for over 5 years.

The itineraries are customized to you and your trip. This means that we never send out the same itinerary twice. We will get to know you and your wishes for your trip to Iceland and create the perfect itinerary for you and your group.

You can think of us as your local friends in Iceland that are willing to help you have the best time in Iceland. We are the experts in finding the best spots as well as the spots that travelers don’t usually visit – the hidden gems that everyone is always looking for.

Go on a stress free vacation in Iceland – have a local plan a trip that is tailored to your personality.

Personalized Road Trip Plan – From local experts that have read all the books for you and traveled around the country for decades to find the best spots for your trip to Iceland.